About Me


I am Candy Gallagher and I am a consultant who lives in Denver, Colorado.  I am a licensed Real Estate Agent, Broker and Instructor in the state of Texas which occasionally takes me back to my old hometown of Austin as well as various cities throughout Texas.

I enjoy skiing, bike riding and traveling. I am a foodie at heart and enjoy pairing wines to go with everything. I am a Sommelier who has explored many local wine regions as well as France and Italy.  I do have my weaknesses though, I love Texas barbecue, In-n-Out and Maryland crabs.

My husband Rod and I love animals. At one point we had five animals (two dogs and three cats). We are now owned by two awesome cats named Frank and Tiny Elvis, who is not so tiny at 20lbs!

I have spent the past year in the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies program at Pepperdine University. In this program I have accomplished a great deal work including Action Research. I appreciate the insights that I have gained both personal and professional through participation in my research.

I also owe a word of gratitude to all those who helped me through this journey including my professors, cadre-mates, co-workers and family. Thank you for your unwavering support and guidance throughout this year.  Your consistent encouragement has allowed me to achieve great things.